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BlueKnicksnKnacks PM
Joined Dec '11

I'm BlueKnicksnKnacks, previously Mowanza.

I'm a 13-year-old girl who uses FictionPress as an outlet for some stories that I did for fun. Like most authors on here, I want to become a real one... so my "hopeful" stories and poetry won't appear here. Currently I have deleted the few stories I had up a while back, mainly because they weren't much good. However, I'm working on some stories right now that I hope you readers will enjoy.

I review all the stories I think are SUPER good! Well, basically all of the ones with good grammar.

I mostly come on FictionPress because of some of the amazing romance stories that are available here. Seriously, people, free stories to read! I love y'all :)

I love to write romance and fantasy, but I love to read them even more! And of course, stories that make me laugh are always welcome.



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