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Butterfly Girl was written for closure, but it is a retelling of real life events, that happened in 2009, and a girl of nine called Esme died of Cancer. I cannot remember which day she died. But my heart aches everytime I think of her, and I needed to get it out of my system.

I Wonder was written after I had an argument with my Mum, and the reason things aren't OK anymore, and I can't tell her anything and everything because I'm not the same person. I guess you can outgrow your mother's arms.

Cry was a quick thing to write because I was inspired by the poem in the summary, which I didn't write, and I wanted to give it my own twist. I hope I succeeded, and I didn't completely fail in my quest for a bit of hardcore love angst.

For the Broken Hearted is just me trying to have a bit of empathy for people who do have broken hearts and situations that can't be fixed by a quick 'sorry' and aren't cliche heart breaks.

Hidden again was a real-life thing that is still ongoing, as I was born with Spina Bifida Occulta, and my thoughts on how sometimes I wish I didn't understand what was going on around me, and knowing I'm the problem, and this time it's all on me. Self-pitying, yes, but I'm nothing if not flawed and selfish like every other human being on earth.

Thanks Dad because Sarcasm helps, and heals, and he deserves it.

I Am is about how bad people feel, and negatives that I ponder and think on a daily basis, but never say aloud. There may be a second chapter to this about positive things 'I Am' but until then it shall stay depressing.

You Say was written after yet another screaming match with my parents, who seem to want a saint for a daughter.

L4W is about every girl in my old class, summed up in one sentence, including myself. Kind of based off the book 'Harriet the Spy' where it's brutally honest, simply because I know none of them will ever read it, and I'm fed up of acting like I like being at the bottom of the popularity scale because I like reading. And we're so different, I wonder how the school ever thought putting us together was a halfway decent idea.

BED is about how I feel practically every night as I look in my mirror, inspired by an email my friend Cassie sent me: and now I want to cry because my mums just made me get on the scales, and now fears for my life, because i'm almost obese and her BMI is better than mine.

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