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Hi all!

Rebel Maru, here. I mostly write fantasy, but recently, I've written something with a more supernatural/ slice of life feel to it.

I have a fanfiction account: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3511882/FriedIce - check it out!

I believe in Review Karma. Review me and I'll review you.

Just a little note to Tala: I don't mind you reviewing, but seriously, four times under four different aliases WHILST I am in the room? A little note to everyone who reviewed: thank you! You guys make my day. Except this person called Inspector Goole, your reviews are kinda creepy...

Information about me:

I'm 16, a student at an uptight all-girls private school and a bookworm with perhaps a wee bit too much time on her hands. I'm British, but I don't drink tea - or coffee for that matter. I'm a bit of a maths geek (*cough* a lot of a maths geek *cough*), and have recently taken to pretending I understand logorithms completely.

D of E, or Duke of Edinburgh, is one of the best things I have ever chosen to do. Trekking around the New Forest in terrible conditions has never been so much fun. You spend most of your time either eating, getting lost or riding the sugar-high right up until the insulin kicks in and your BGL plummet to record lows. Then, you eat another flapjack.

My best friend, Tala, who came with me on D of E - the fact that our friendship survived that speaks volumes of how close we are - is perhaps just a little bit more odd than me, and likes aliases. She likes them a lot. My other best friend, who shall remain nameless for now, likes to write creepy reviews.

I do judo, and have done for five years now. It's fun, but really hard as I lack upper-body strength and end up getting flung around a lot. Badminton is something I also enjoy, simply because it doesn't require as much strength as judo.

Story Behind The Name:

So I figured I should write about myself, but I really don't know what else to say. Aha! I could tell you the somewhat dull story behind my pen-name.

The first bit "rebel" comes from a very long afternoon spent playing 2D anime fighter games. Yay. Violence. Anyway, the bad news about 2D anime fighter games is that they are Japanese, so, when they say "level", the l's sound like r's and the v's sound like b's. Level 1 becomes Rebel 1 etc. Now, "Maru". No. 1, I am well aware that this is in fact a guy's name. According to my dear friend Tala, -maru is a common ending for male names in Japanese. To borrow an example from her all time fave, Bleach, IchiMARU Gin. Maru also means circle. Maru sounds like my real name, so naturally Tala just HAD TO nickname me that. To be honest, I hated the nickname, but hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.. :-/

Languages I speak:

English - I am fully fluent in this and proud. To the point I will correct your grammar when you speak to me - "It's not about pendantry, it's about being right!"

French - AS level grammar knowledge, GCSE-to-AS level vocab

German - GCSE level grammar and vocab, but my parents are fluent so I know a bit more than the average-Joe.

Latin - very, very little. I learnt Latin for a grand total of two years, but was my usual studious self during this time. At my school, all the cool people study Latin. No, seriously, I went to a fancy dress party when the theme was: characters from our latin textbook. To add to that, the latin-students at my school have a wierd habit of shipping the different characters together. Quintus rules!!!

For those of you who are British like me, you'll know of the hell that is Yr Twelve of secondary school education. I'm under a lot of pressure in that now - around 3 months before my major examinations - I've decided to take up a new course (Further Maths GCSE for the win!). I reckon I can do it, but it's a lot of extra work. As such, a lot of things in my life are being sidelined. I try to keep writing, but it's very hard when you have to write six essays for school over one weekend. Letting my grades slide really isn't an option as I need to achieve straight A*s in order to get a scholarship at my chosen Sixth Form.

To all people facing GCSEs this year, I feel for you.

On the subject of Facewalls (for when the facepalm does not suffice)

"It can be a bit awkward tho when you are all Imma go and facewall that wall and then the wall comes and wallfaces you and you realise you tried to facewall a door and the person who is staring at you who opened the wall is like now we both need to find an ACTUAL wall to facewall."

-My Dear Friend, Inspector Goole

Explorers and Dora

I suffer the unfortunate fate of being part of a group called the Explorer Scouts. As one of the few girls currently in the scout movement, I got a lot of shtick just for that early on. When I moved into explorers (aged 14) I got shtick, but for a whole other reason. I am currently known by the title 'Dora the Explorer'. For those of you who don't know, Dora, bless her little cotton socks, is an explorer in a children's TV show. Charming as this is, my father didn't get the joke. So, I gave him and my mother a full run-down. Everything was going fine until I got to the part about Dora's cousin, Diego, who has his own show, Go Diego, Go. Again, no problem, as I explained the joke of his name (it has 'go' in it, making the title funny). My mother then replied with this: "Wouldn't that make his show 'Go, Die, Go, Go'?" Needless to say, I cracked up. I'm not certain if that's exactly what nickjr had in mind when creating that show...

Reviews I owe people:

auroraglider - 2 reviews owed on Unconscious Love

Social Anxiety Lives - 1 review owed on The Pack

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