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My name is Kate, and I am not an evil spy...

OR AM I!!!!?????

No, I'm not. I promise. But other things that you may be intrested in about me are:

-I write things that always have some sort of comic relief in them, just because all my randomness has to come out somewhere.

-I am on temporary hiatus. This is because I finially got to writing, but realized I hated what I'd written... so I'm editing.

-I REALLY like it when you PM me about my stories, or your stories, or just randomness, because I have no friends, and I'm SO LONELY!!!!! Plus I kinda need a charecter witness about the whole 'not a spy' thing. The government really just can't take a joke, haha.

-I go through random "kicks" with my writing and facinations. Like now, I'm going through a military kick, so Shawn is in the army in "Tomorrow's Sky" But don't worry, I won't be going back and editing my stories just because now I want it to be a western. I usually stick to a few central themes though: Military, Western, Futuristic(like hunger games), the era of the gangsters, like Al Capone, Bat/IronMan and stuff like that. But the reason that my characters are so random is that I can make them as random as I want, so that this becomes MUCH less of an issue.

-In my story "Tales from the writers block," I write things that are totally and completely random. I think there's a story in there from a random title generator, just because that irritates the shiznit out of me, and I wanted to mock them.

-I love bunnies. And puppies. And kitties, but not nearly as much as the former 2. And tiny turtles. Not babies, just tiny. And tea cup pigs. And ninjas. And bacon. And naming tea cup pigs bacon(jk). And baby otters. Seriously, look it up.

-I really have nothing else to say, so this is really just ranting.

P.P(Post Profile)

"Oh I remember it well. It was a drizzly Tuesday. Too bad it was neither drizzling, nor Tuesday."

Later..."And I remember that aswell. It was a sunny Sunday. Too bad it was a drizzly Tuesday."

"Your brain is like a hamster running on a square wheel." "Wouldn't that work though?" "Your brain is like a squirrel running on a triangular wheel!" "Why a squirrel?"

"Proper grammer is to use -ish at the end of every other word. Like goodish and fishish. FISHISH!"

"You can't do the flambe' because the fire will go into the bottle, and the bottle with explode, and you will be BLINDED!"-Julia Child.

"May your life bring you much joyjoy, have a joyjoy day!"-Some movie I saw like a year ago.

"If you eat enough potatoes, your bones will actually be like rubber! You can seriously bend you bones!"(that shit is true btw)"So THAT'S what happened to Harry Potter"

"I'm a turkey vulture. Yes indeed. My head is bald to prevent rotting flesh from adhering to it. To cool myself I poop on my feet and legs. My main defense is projectile vomiting... I am SO AWESOME. c:

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