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Hey guys, Um, I'm Kathie and not really sure what to write here. But i'll give it a shot. I'm 17 and i LOVE to write even though it takes me forever to actually finish a story. That's why i'll always will finish the story first and then give you the chapters, every 2 days or so. I know how annoying it is when you're reading a story and then the author doesn't update for 3 months. I wouldn't do that to you guys ;) -- All you'll probably get from me is Romance. I am a complete and utter romantic. You know, those kinds that squeal and saw "aaaawww". That's me. Hmmm what else, I love music. Playing it, hearing it, dancing it, going to sleep with it...anything. I usually have my radio on the minute i wake up and wake up groggily at midnight to turn it off. I listen to all kinds, as long as its good, right? I also love to read, which kinda goes hand in hand with writing, i guess. Uh...trying out photography(fingers crossed that i'll do good), i love to dance( i think i said that already) and i currently deciding whether to re-learn the piano or starting from scratch with guitar. Any suggestions? -- Currently working on two stories, one by myself and one with another newbie to fictionpress(thisisme1758). They might change (god knows, how many times THAT has happened, lol) but as of now, the one im working with with my buddy is called SafeHouse and my own project is called Like A Movie. I think the title SafeHouse is gonna stick around but i cant guarantee Like a Movie :) -- You know how some authors give you a link to a photobucket album which holds pictures of people that look similar to their characters? Well, i will also be doing so, for the people who prefer it. Its up to you if you want to check out the pics or not. -- Last thing: To all you grammar nuts, DO NOT FREAK. I might have alot of mistakes on here BUT my stories will be the pinnacle of grammar perfection, my best bud(the writer one) is also a grammar nut. Hope you enjoy whatever I dish out! :)
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