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FICTIONPRESS GOLDEN RULE: Review as you wanna be reviewed.

He who writes what other people want can be a good writer but never an artist -- Juan Carlos Onetti

Be Yourself; everyone else is already taken -- Oscar Wilde

When all else fails, give up and go to the library -- Stephen King

About Me: Going back to this site and seeing all those PMs from people I used to be close with depresses me.

About Reviews: I like spreading the love. If you review anything of mine, expect to be reviewed back. If you follow/fav also expect to be followed and possibly faved back. Eye for an eye, eh?

P.S. If I haven't returned a review for whatever reason, PM me. I have the attention span of a goldfish.

About my Stories: They mostly came out of a spur-of-a-moment inspiration that somehow grew a mind of its own. Currently have three apparently ongoing stories which I never update, but now I set deadlines hope everything's okay. I try to make my characters as realistic as possible, with exception of the zombie story. Where will you see a seven-foot tall man who feeds only on wood? Not like the socially-awkward loner with a penchant for cooking and secret perversion is any better.

Call of the Angel My main work right now which is ironic because it's gone hiatus. Also the one with the most contrived plot and amount of mindblowing. Action/Comedy/Drama/Sci-Fi/Psychological/Tragedy

Status: I'm going to publish this here on my 21st birthday (January 2nd) because it was the reason why I joined this in the first place. Let's see how it goes.

Progress: Soon.

Finding Snowflakes More oriented on the emotions department. Trying my best to make genuinely original characters, though in an intentional cliché manner. How about the classic loner-and-prep pairing? With a few twists? Comedy/Romance/Slice-of-Life/School Life/Drama

Status: Moved to another site because reasons.

Progress: It's only taken me four years to get to the middle hahAHah

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse is currently my most... popular? work, and the proof I really need to stop getting high on sugar. Basically about a group of stupid people surviving a zombie plague through the eyes of a 16-year old wacko. Action/Adventure/Comedy/Parody/Slapstick/Sci-Fi/Tragedy

Status: Chapter 11 is out!

Progress: PFFFFT.

TvTropes Page! Because... uh... I should really write instead of make this.

Writer's Blockism Is a term used to describe an illness in which an author tends to lose focus on writing and ultimately ends up with their writing career. Some of its causes are procrastination, laziness and excuses to not get onto it, and the most common symptoms are just a worsening of the causes. On more extreme cases, it's irreversible, and thus ends up eliminating the writing mind. Be careful! Try not to be infected with Writer's Blockism! Writing every day and staying in love with what you do is the best abstinence. The next time you say 'nah, I'm too lazy today...' just remember, once it gets you, it's almost impossible to get out!

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