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Hi. My name is Josh, but my name here is Literastiel (Lit. 'The Angel of Literature). My best friend came up with the name and I immediately changed it from Kaitolighto and I have changed the name on all my active platforms, including FanFiction.

Basic Info about me includes my love of writing/reading prose and reading poets such as Emily Dickinson. I also enjoy watching anime and reading manga and reading black and white literature, as well as comics like Teen Titans and Young Avengers. I am from London, but I'm mixed race: half-English, third-Grenadian and a third-Trinidadian. My background in both of these contexts goes as far back as the days of Paganism in England and even Voodoo back in Africa, meaning I can trace my direct family's location back for more than 2000 years.

Whilst, on the subject of Voodoo; my mother and myself often have things called Prophetic Dreams, which are often very accurate. This means that are dreams potentially relate to or directly foretell future events. It's not a perfect science in terms of testing and many of you won't believe, which is fine, but we know it's true.

I'm 16 years old, but I'm still studying at a boarding school for the rest of this and next year. I'm studying English, Drama, French and Spanish in the hopes of going to Surrey University in the autumn of 2015, by which point I hope to have finished my debut novel, and I'll be hoping to study their English Literature and Creative Writing course, known for its excellent results, student satisfaction and focus on the Gothic style of Literature.

I think of myself as a very spiritual person, I enjoy meditating, spending quality time alone and learning about different theologies and ways of life. In terms of religion, I'm not really anything; I enjoy the practise of Buddhism, the independence of Eclectic Wicca and I'm very interested in the Dark Arts (i.e. Witchcraft and Voodoo) and I do often refer to myself as a Witch when asked, but sometimes I just do it to watch people's expressions.

Despite this spiritual nature and my tendency to behave very positively, I am something of a pessimist. I don't believe things like Equality will ever truly exist without a massive re-write of human history and, if there is a God, which I'm not totally against believing in, I don't think their looking out for us anymore, assuming they ever were. I'm also a little bit of a feminist, I believe they've spent thousands of years being underrated and undermined by men, but to an extent I think it is their own fault that feminism is not a normal everyday thing today. Many women in places where it is entirely acceptable to be a strong woman or a single woman or a smart woman do not take the opportunities offered and often assume the roles set out for them by men. Of course, if any woman genuinely desires to be a stay at home mother or to obey her husband to the last letter of a request, I can't judge that, but there are some capable women who act in stereotypical ways and that does damage the feminine image, rendering the women who cannot improve their situation incapable of changing it.

I write a lot of Fantasy and Magical Realism and this is from a childhood of Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, as well as newer shows influencing me like Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf and Supernatural, all of which I got into because of the same friend who came up with Literastiel. Themes like Power of Three and Slayers are all results of watching those shows.

Millennium Trinity is not the first book I've attempted to write, but it's certainly the one that's come the furthest way and I'm so pleased with it so far. The other stories I've posted are not forgotten however, they are part of postponed projects that have been halted so I can work solely and properly on Millennium Trinity.

If you want to message me with ideas or criticisms that you don't won't to put in a review, feel free to PM me. Keep in mind, I will never put an AU in M3 because I am writing this book with the intention of publishing it and these are all drafts of the pages I send off to agents and publishers. Reviews do make me incredibly happy and if you ever do read my stories, I implore you to review and literally light up my day. Thanks.

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