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About me...

Well I was born in Winnipeg, MB, but now currently live in Everett, WA. I'm married to my beautiful wife as of 07/16/12 and we both have a beautiful daughter named Amelia born as of 12/20/11. My writing is something of a career I wish to follow and i've been writing since I was eighteen.

About my writing...

To be honest, I've never taken a writing class or read a full book from front to back (But back to front! If you can figure that out you know I mean Manga). To be honest I'm just now finding my voice and my craft, and it's important to me that if you are to read my works, whether interested or not, I'd like to hear what you did, or didn't, like about it. This is a path I wish to follow and any critism helps.

As Stephen King would put it, I'm an organic writer. I have an idea in my head that flows from beginning to end, and only when I finish that first draft do I begin the tweaks and fix the bugs. So if you ever find my work to be missing something, let me know, as this is all my "First Draft" so to speak. I won't write a story I don't know the end to, so if you're worried about being locked into an endless gaze of hyperboles than don't worry, every work posted here has a definitive ending with a major journey to be had.

Also, I always give my readers the respect of being read, so if you take the time to read my work, I'll definitely hop on over and give you a read. If we're cool you can also use my page as a plug for other readers to find your work, it's only fair in my eyes.

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