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To those who follow/favorited/review the stories I've written here and included those who added me to their favorite author list, thank you. *bow*

But unfortunately today (16 of May, 2014) is the last time that I'll be visiting . I had fun here, but I just have more important priorities now that I decided to terminate my Fictionpress account, and since that isn't seem to be possible and I don't really have time to spam the whole site, until the admin ended up hating me and do the favor of erasing my account, I decided to delete my stories. And I'm sorry for those who like and waited for "The right girl" continuation that I still haven't finished it until now. I decided to spare others who might like it, the annoyance of not being able to read the story to end.

Well, that's all. Thank you for the support in the past.

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