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Heyah;) First off, I had an account on here called Rollin'withyou but my emil account for that got hacked AND i forgot the password for it so the story on that will me trasfared to this account and i will also edit it abit.

I'm into romantic stories so most if not all my stories will be romantic. I also tend to put some truth in my stories so some moments will be things that have happened to me in the past. I'm half English and half Colombia, i have lives in three states in america - NY, Florida, Main :D I move to england when i was 6. QueenOfHearts66559


Colour - Black (but im not a goth)

Animal - Wolf :D

Food - Strawberrys :P

Drink - Coke :)

Quote -- ' Noemi... thats sugar you just put on your chips' :D I mean who hasnt done that before?;)

Anime - So hard to pick just 1... 1.Inuyasha 2.Vampire knight 3.B gata H kei 4.Nana

TV show: Criminal Minds AGENT MORGAN

Ice cream: BEN AND JERRY'S

Well i think thats all so if you have any questions then just send me a message, OH and before i forget im dyslexic so my spelling might not me very good. So pleaaaase R&R my stories? PLEAAAAAAAS! _

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