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7/3/13- Oh boy! It's nice to get something completed! Does it count since there will be further development of the story and the back story of the characters? Whether or not it counts, let me know what you think of it if you don't mind!

6/19/13- Well this little bit of inspiration struck me and I have a new piece of writing to focus on. I still plan on finishing my previous one, but probably not until after I finish this one! Let me know what you think if you are so inclined, even if it's two words (That sucked!) it gives me some feedback :) Enjoy What If... a short story about a forbidden love that just will not die.

10/4/12- Okay I am finally taking the plunge! I am still working on my longer story that has been manipulating my head for awhile, but I wanted to give this a trial first anyway. My first fiction posted!!! Not my first written story, but that should come eventually it's just a longer story and I really want enough of it written before I put any of it out into the cyber-world. I hope you like it, I may alter the title... I don't know how difficult editing and changing things is on here, so this is my way to find out. Unknown Danger Zone will be a short story of 3-5 chapters (of varying lengths) as well as the prologue.

I do not know exactly how often I will update, but I will definitely finish it! This idea just popped into my head one day and was treading water with a couple of one-shot ideas, another short story and of course my longer fic. I will possibly post some one-shots simultaneously with this... The story is already planned out, but I might eventually write some one-shots that give more details of the developing relationship at the center of the plot. I will be doing this with no beta for now, if you are interested in being my beta message me! Let me know what you think, I completely accept and encourage constructive criticism :) Alright, here goes nothing...

08/24/12- Just a reader for now, have been for awhile. I do have some things written out, but not ready to take the plunge as of yet... I am also unsure of my commitment to getting an unfinished one finished in a timely manner due to my schedule.

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