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Also on fanfiction.net: Moka-girl

This account is mainly to post all those stories I write as I try to better my writing. The story I'm currently writing, The Quest for Balance, is written by me and a friend. I write the character named Saga, the bratty, self-centered, teenage noble, and she writes Tat'jana, the jaded and sarcastic soldier.

My co-author is The.Burlesque.Mistress.92

About me:

I love: Proper grammar, with a minimum of mistakes. Long stories that are believable. Stories that grasp my attention immediately.

I hate: Stories that haven't been updated in at least a year. Unbelievable or cheesy clich├ęs. When someone adds 'REVIEWS RETURNED' to their summary, but doesn't actually do it, and instead just sends a PM thanking the person for their review, and doesn't even bother making good on the promise. When someone steals ideas from someone else, or copies parts of other stories and adds them to their own.

Important: I am currently not on this site, because I am out of the country until August. No responses are to be expected until then.

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