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The crow: "You're too big, Mama Moo!"
Mama Moo: "It's not I who am too big, it's the tree that is too thin."
-Mama Moo (Mamma Mu, the swedish milk-cow, when hiding behind a little tree(more like a branch sticking up out of the ground) so that the farmer won't see that she's run away from the farm^^)*ah, she's my hero. hehe^^*

I'm a 15-year-old girl whose native language isn't English (I'm from Sweden), so you'll have to excuse any spelling/grammar mistakes I might do!
I probably won't update for some time now, due to many different things going round in my life right now. New circumstances and some obstacles along with *stuff*.
I've written Digimon ficcies, mostly taito, though I've got a few soratos here too, but those were written quite some time ago:) I like reading Digimon, Gundam W, Harry Potter and Lotr ficcies... and Matt, Heero Ron, Harry and Legolas are my "main" fave characters, along with Tai from Digimon:) I also like Snape and Lupin. Plus, I've kind of started liking Ken as well, and Kouji (*and* Kouichi!) from Digimon Frontier..:P I just can't resist!
The only character that I honestly can say that I do *not* like, is Hilde from Gundam Wing. I have no idea why (or actually I have, but that list is way too long to write down here^^), but I guess there's just something about her that is seriously bugging me.

Hmm...what to write? Well, I can always say hello to people.. Plus, most of these guys are authors on the site, so go check their work out!
Teti (who might have changed her pen-name, I can't find her under this one any longer..)
White Lily
These people are all great, trust me:)

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Linger's chapter three: Done and posted! NEW THING: LOVESICK (taito) Chapter no. 3 is up ^.~ (now that I'm finally allowed to post again..)
*Lip quivers* They... They... deleted Ten Things Digimon Has Taught Me! ;o;

(If I haven't updated in maybe about two weeks or something, I'll send the ones who review a mail when I do post another chapter.. well, at least the ones who's reviewed and that I in one way or another can find the email adress of, oki?^_^)

If you wanna use my fics somewhere, it's totally okay, just if you please send me an e-mail or tell me in some other way before you do so! I'd really appriciate(sp) it:) And if you wanna contact me because you feel like it, or because you simply want to, just send me an e-mail! Pen-pals are always fun, and I can promise you that I'm a nice lil' teen, *and, I'll send you back:) lol

So... Have a nice day, and please go read the fics now!:D And please review them too if you can take the time:) *I love reviews* :P


Very important note(!): I won't be able to update anything for a long time now, I'm afraid, because I'm in a hospital and won't get out for at least another few weeks (or months..). Just so that you know!

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