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Bryn GoUrL PM
Joined Jun '01

(very) Basic facts about me:

I'm a Sagittarius (zodiac) and an INFP (Myers-Briggs TI). I have one cat. I love to write even though my writing sometimes sucks. I'm a little bit crazy, but one would have to be, wouldn't one, in order to get any enjoyment out of this world? Fave color is green. I like fire and snowflakes and roses.

Due in part to some RL drama that's going down, and in part to a kind of ritual cleansing of the past, I've deleted all of my old original fic and poetry. If there's something you wanted to read and don't have saved, let me know via email. Otherwise, if and when I write something new, I'll post it here. But I wouldn't hold your breath.

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