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Well hello there! You can call me Sam. Thank you for visiting this lovely page of mine. I'm honored to have you here.

Everyone always puts some information about themselves on these things, but no one really cares... Just for kicks, here goes:

I am 14, living in the United States. I like to write, in between band, piano, track, homework, and Destination Imagination (busy life). I do not like asparagus, but love bread, cheese, and pasta. Also, I should mention my obsession with aquatic mammals. The cuteness is just so... cute. :)


This is my first and only story. It's about a teenage girl who turns into a vampire. Sounds cliche, I know, but there are some unusual elements thrown in as well (hehe). Updates... will be slow. I'm sorry, but with life, sometimes writing has to take the backseat. If prior chapters are any indication, updates should come monthly at latest.

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