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I'm considering editing How To Be A Cross Dresser. Everything else is probably just going to sit there. None of it is good, but I'm not taking it down because numbers matter to me and I like seeing the amount of reviews.

That's a mix of sarcasm and the depressing truth.

Things you can always message me about:

Music, Chuck Palahniuk, and hate for all things SAT-related

I love alternative and indie rock, so anybody who listens to Neutral Milk Hotel automatically gets best friend honors. If you listen religiously to NMH, the Strokes, or Nirvana, message me so we can have a squeal-fest together.

Stay away from Thought Filter above all other things. It's dramatic, unrealistic, and makes me throw up a little every time I think about it. In the unlikely event that I edit it, at least eighty percent of it is going to go.

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