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Hello! I'm Dynamite on Cure.

Here are a few things about me:

I'm 19 (Capricorn), in college, female.

Likes/Participates in/Enjoys:

Manga/Anime, News, Woodworking, the outdoors/Nature.

I like making wooden furniture, crafts, and what-not. I'm a political junkie. I'm sure you aren't surprised if I say I'm pursuing an environmental policy BA and a public policy master's degree. You can probably also guess that I love nature and think it's super cool to protect the environment. B)

Fun fact: I run my college's oldest and only martial arts club, the Karate club! It's been going since 1986.

Dislikes/Refrains from/Would rather live without:

Sports. I can't get into watching sports. Even the guys in my family don't like sports. I personally feel that playing would be more fun than watching, but there were never many female sports teams so I wasn't allowed to play and there wasn't anything I could watch that I cared about, except maybe tennis.

Pairings with large age gaps (13 years difference). They'd have to be some pretty old adults for a large gap to work. Even then, generational differences and possibility of an Oedipus situation are problematic.

Harems/polygamy. (It gets messy.)

Unclear or confusing information. No one likes being confused and being vague is always a sign a something fishy going on.

People who unjustly disrespect others and objects. It's just not a smart idea or good manners. No one deserves to be disrespected and objects should be used for their intended purposes. I saw a classmate in high school using a copy of Hamlet as a place to rest her sandwich and catch crumbs. That's just wrong.

If you read my stories:

Give me ALL of your CRITICISM AND FEEDBACK. Although I'm writing to meet the Beta quota, I still want to hear your opinions. Improving my prose has no down sides. Maybe it will even help me if I decide to seriously write something one day.

Story Information:

I'm thinking of some ideas for children's stories. I don't know if I will even write them.

I'm not working on any long-term stories actively. I'm just writing some to reach the minimum for Beta work. I'm really more of the editing type.

Quotes from the author:

"Count your blessings, not your bruises." -Me

"You can't train the funny bone like a muscle to make it stronger. If you stress it too much, it breaks." -Me

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