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NEW WARNING: I've decided to favorite people whenever I want! The reason? People want to be noticed more than they want to not be deleted.

I feel as though I was destined to become a writer!!! I've wanted to be a writer since I was 5 yrs old!!!!!

Otacon told me to tell people about extralivesdotorg. It is a chartity organisation run by gamers. Feel free to look at the fun things they do, or even donate.

There is another site called Unity. The URL is shikyounity.proboards. This is a role playing site that my friend ShamanPrinceShikyo made all by himself. It really cool, but it doesn't too many people on it yet. It would be amazing if some more people decided to check it out. He made a proboard roleplaying site for people who are not aloud on other roleplaying sites. You can have whatever kinds of characters you want.

For more information, please visit the site itself.

I often collaborate with the user MangoKat and used to collab with NutsForWiress/In Case You Haven't Noticed. I also give LOTS of advice to Mr. Freeman.

Yeah, let's go with "often". Seems appropriate.

I also worked with Sakumira Agashi and SuperGalaxyFox.

SuperGalaxyFox might not know this next part.

I'm working with on more person: Matilda Blane.

Matilda has been in the background all along. She has problems with ISTs. That means she can't help but think of sex. Also, during their time in the bathroom. And that she gets holes in her underwear.

Please excuse her, because they're real medical conditions!

SuperGalaxyFox now knows!

Days of major updates:





(There's always a good reason for these things.)

I've decided not to thank God and my angels for helping me write in-story in AN's. NOW, I'll do it on here. Places like profiles, for example.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!

I checked a review on "Explorer Girls" about a Shaeril McBrown. I know she's lying. If you want to help her, try, but I won't.

Good day.

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