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Sami Dial PM
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Yesterday, I was BROKEN, choking on sadness, breaking under the weight of the end.

Today I am SHAKEN, trying to put together the last shards of what is left.

Tomorrow, i will be ALIVE, ready to fly away on golden wings, to a place where my mind controls it all.

Now, I am MYSELF

a special thanks to my readers

Thanks to all YOU GUYS

and yes, i realize i cannot spell to save my life. sorry guys lol might as well get use to it :)

If you review One of mine.
i will review one of yours back!
(you should send me a note to remind me if i dont get it done in the next few days)

sorry ive not been posting alot lately. ill try to get back in the saddle!

i know my poetry is depressing. this is where i come to vent, when im sad i write and put it here so i can see how far ive come, and how far ive fallen.

thank you all for supporting me with your notes and reviews, they mean alot.

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