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I am one of the FictionPress people because of a writer who I liked her story but couldn't review it because I was anonymous. I thought things will be like that, others writing and me reading, this is what I like the most but I had so many fantasies before and I want to share them with everyone.

I have two acceptable and maybe good ideas from my many fantasies, I'm already writing the first and it's a supernatural story but not about vamp and were. The second is a mafia story. I read before the manga and the novel Viewfinder and I was charmed in their world. I searched for a good or okay novel or manga in the same theme and found totally captivatedthat totally captivated me and it was my first no-sex yaoi manga . but after that never had any luck with really good manga or novel, that's mean I will write the second story after I have more infos about the mafia guys -maybe play some mafia games- and about the first idea after I'll advance a little in the chapters I'll post it.

My other problem -other than I'm a slow writer and I'm no pro- is English is my 3rd language, I'm good in Frensh but not everyone speek it, and I prefer to read fiction in English that why I'll ask you to be easy on me please :)

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