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Just a 18 year old Chinese guy from Malaysia who loves women, money... oh, and writing.

If you were wondering... the name, Eliar Swiftfire's from the main character of my novel... which I had been working on for years. I usually write fanfics when I run out of ideas for my novel.

LAST UPDATED:3/10/2002 Fics in Progress:
SLAM DUNK:INSIDE STUFF (Slam Dunk) I've once stated that I'll make my presence known in the Slam Dunk category with an unconventional fic. Was thinking of some fic with a good not-too-soap-opera-ish romance and some good basketball scenes. I ended up NOT writing that. Instead, I continued on my 'Eliar Talk Show' saga, only that I changed the talk show to something similar to NBA:INSIDE STUFF. So far, the reviews I get are pretty encouraging. I hope the Slam Dunk category doesn't have pathetic, spiteful, vindictive low-lives like those in Yuyu Hakusho. Mwa ha! HARRY POTTER AND THE UNDERPANTS OF DOOM (Harry Potter) Nothing to say about it. Just pure senseless violence. Well, I'll add in a plot when I can think of one. :P Fics taken down and missed dearly:
ULTIMATE SCRIPT 1 and 2 (Jpop and Jrock) Two of my most beloved fics. Became casualties after came up with this dumbass rule of removing the Music Groups section. Ultimate Script (24 reviews) was the very first SPEED fic ever written. A parody of Casablanca with sci-fi elements in it.
However, the version I wrote back in 1999 was too mushy, so I sort of made some changes in it (trimming down a 80 page story into a 50 page one, unnecessary mushy scenes, stupid subplots and corny dialogue all deleted). The end result was VERY satisfying.
Ultimate Script 2 (39 reviews) was a TOTALLY different thing. I never believed in sequels, and it really took me 3 years to decide to come up with this fic(after fixing Ultimate Script 1). It became a psychothriller/murder mystery which took place 3 years after the events in Part 1. The controversial first chapter was more than enough to give this fic even more reviews than its predecessor even though it ended up being unfinished, and was only half as long. The most hated Morning Musume, 13 of them, ALL slaughtered like animals. Followed by the death of Mana (of Malice Mizer). Utada Hikaru a pathetic alcoholic? Ayumi Hamasaki an Interpol agent? It was on its way to become the highest reviewed fic of the Jrock section.
Anyway, these two fics will be placed in the upcoming Jmusic Fanfics Central, which is created by myself.
SNOW KISS (Jpop) Also a casualty of the 'No Music Groups' rule. Snow Kiss (29 reviews) is a Maison Ikkoku rip-off written in 1999 which isn't really good. In fact, it was pretty Mary Sue-ish, even though I tried to make the hero an asshole. Worst of all, everything was descending into soap opera land. I gave up on the fic halfway. THE POEM OF INSANE HIRO FANS (Jpop) Just a harmless little poem regarding my obsession with Jpop singer Hiro (who is also the main character of Ultimate Script 1). It got me 1 review only, but it's still the only poem I've ever posted on fanfiction.net. TOTALLY TWISTED JIRO/HISASHI FANFIC (Jrock/Glay) 5th of September, 2002 will not be remembered as a happy day for me. This is the day when one of my most beloved fics 'TOTALLY TWISTED JIRO/HISASHI FANFIC' was taken off by fanfiction.net. Yes, it had been a long time since my heart shattered like this.
The reason why it was taken down was beyond my comprehension. But I doubt fanfiction.net would provide me an answer even if I demanded it. (they never do)
This fic was one of my personal favourites. Some of the chapters were written by me when I was at the peak of my {insane} creativity. I never stopped writing for it even though I was traveling (chapter 6 was written in Osaka on May 2002). And who can ever forget the Marry Me! Mary Sue! saga? The last 3 chapters of this fic? I've received 78 reviews for the entire fic before its untimely demise, it was a personal high (before it was surpassed by the TOTALLY CLICHED YYH FANFICS on the 4th of September, 2002) and also a record in both the GLAY section and the Jrock section, each review will be remembered and cherished.
Perhaps this fic will fade away in everyone's memories as time goes by. But not to me. Totally Twisted is the second fic I've ever written, the fic that briefly lit up the Jrock section like a shining beacon of light, the fic that made me laugh as much as my own readers. I'll never be able to upload this fic again because I only have the first chapter and the last 4 chapters of the entire fic...
Rest in peace, TOTALLY TWISTED. And goodbye.
*UPDATED 11/9/2002* No reason for me to weep so much anymore. My saviour had appeared inthe form of Harlequinn! Apparently, that sweet girl had saved the entire TOTALLY TWISTED fic and sent it to me! She's is sooooo nice! *GIVES HER HUGGY WUGGY*
TOTALLY CLICHED YUYU HAKUSHO YAOI FIC (Yuyu Hakusho) Heh, I'm beginning to love this fic.
On the 6th of September, this became the very first fic of mine to reach 100 reviews (101 in the end). The day after that, it was deleted by fanfiction.net. I uploaded the Chapter 8 of this fic on the 30th of September, but it was taken down the next day after I got myself 6 reviews. Apparently, some people in the Yuyu Hakusho category are desperate NOT to see my fic in there. So be it, it's their loss anyway, let them torture themselves with those cliched shounen-ai/yaoi fics.
LATE NIGHT SHOW WITH ELIAR SWIFTFIRE (Dragon Ball Z) Three single-chapter DBZ fics of mine were also taken down on 6/9/2002. These fics include An Interview With A Disenchanted Gohan (38 reviews), Troubled Times (5 reviews) and Eliar vs Crappy Vegeta/Goku Yaoi writers (22 reviews).
These fics will still be missed dearly. I did have a lot of fun with them.

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