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I am a middle-aged mother of two adult children and a preteen daughter living in northwest Florida in the United States. I've been writing stories off and on since I was nine years old but didn't discover fanfiction/fictionpress until 2010. I would have joined both much sooner if I'd known about them...my favorite thing to write is romance. I write both historical and modern-day romance, but I suppose what I do most of is using a bare backbone of factual historical events and weaving an entire fanciful world of might-have-beens around them. I've done that lots of times on both sites, and although I find writing modern-day romance to be easier in some ways as it usually doesn't involve as much research, it seems for some reason to be less popular than the historical. I don't mind constructive criticism but hate flames. I never flame other writers and it really bothers me when they do it to me.

Right now I seem to be addicted to writing stories about the Romanovs, as at any given time I'm sure to have at least one story about them being currently updated. The Tudors are favorites of mine also, as is the French Revolution. I try to be as historically accurate as possible, although I'm sure there are mistakes from time to time. I appreciate there being pointed out to me if it's done in a kind way.

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