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Update 4/4/2014: There probably won't be too many who will read this message, but I feel guilty about those who do still follow my stories. Unfortunately, the same curse of school that has claimed so many other authors on this website has got to me as well, and it's pretty much impossible for me to update all of my stories. The only story that I may update is The Axis of Solitude, but even then, expect those updates to be few and far between.

Hi! I like to write and I enjoy receiving any form of constructive feedback. I'm always aiming to improve my writing ability.

My favourite genres are medieval, light fantasy and mystery, and my favourite author is Agatha Christie. Obviously, this is the reason why The Court Magician has such a genre and is so heavily influenced by Christie's tropes.

Contract is a more traditional fantasy, unlike The Court Magician's blending of fantasy and detective fiction, and was created to provide an outlet for my creative muses in such a genre.

Individual Fragments of Certain Stories is the novel that I wrote during Nanowrimo 2012. It's really a collection of concepts that I have in my head but don't have the time to write. In the future, I'll probably expand upon one or two or them, but for now, they remain only as very short stories that are about 2,000 to 4,000 words long.

A Reluctant Master was created so that I could try something in the manga section, and it's probably the piece that's the closest to my preferred writing style. I am also trying out serious romance for the first time with this story, and am looking forward to seeing where the story goes!

I'd also like to put in a note of thanks to Jax Creation for beta reading Contract and Fragments for me :)

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