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Sooo... about me?

I am - working on getting a degree so that I can earn enough money to see as much of the world and all it has to offer as possible. Now a graduate! The proud owner of a first class honours degree!!! :D

I am not - quite as care free as I'd like to be. Sometimes my super critical thought process kicks in at just the wrong time but it's kept me alive this long so I won't complain too much.

I will - often put things off in order to read, fiction, non-fiction, the back of a shampoo bottle, I'm not usually too fussed as long as its interesting.

I will not - leave my house without some way to listen to music. Music can change my mood instantly and as such I feel that by having music [usually in the form of an iPod] I can rest assured that I will be able to counter out most negative experiences I may have during the course of a day.

I do - think its important to learn languages, especially if you're going to a country where the primary language is not English... besides even if the primary language is English it's only polite to make the effort.

I don't - understand binge drinking. There is nothing good that will come from drinking inordinate amounts and ending your night in a puddle of your own excretions or in the back of an ambulance. The NHS is there to provide a service for those in need - not for those with a flagrant disregard for their own well being.

I hate - leaving reviews, I'm totally uncreative and so often in awe of those who have created something that I've found to be interesting and so I feel my review will never be good enough to do justice to the work it attempts to praise. I do my best to review everything I read though and sometimes I even leave a long one - when I'm feeling especially confident!

I love - learning and trying new things. I'm not the kinda girl who is content to try something in life and then never consider the alternatives. I try to apply this to most things, when in restaurants, choosing holiday destinations, clothing styles, languages, sports, music and film genres.

I'm a firm believer of trying the full 'menu of life' before deciding which dish is your favourite and if you decide that plain old reliable and sturdy vanilla ice cream is what rocks your world after some exploration then that's awesome, at least you've had the experience and can adamantly state that this is your favourite set up of all those available to you!

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