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My name is Ann. Annd I am not a mann. Butt I do have fanns with panns and pecanns in a cann in their vann.

Don't be a noob. You can learn how to add unnecessary N's to everything today. It's never too late to pick up the habit. Practice makes perfect. Come on, mann. Just try it. It'll help you unwind. It'll make you feel good. Don't be a pussy. You gonna listen to every authority figure in your life? You really gonna follow what they say? They don't understannd but you will once you try it. The first try is free but this stuff is so good that I'll have to charge you next time. Come on. Try it. Don't say no. It's free. Don't be a newb. Don't be a pussy. Just take a little hit. You don't know what you're missing, mann. Try it. Become one with it. Accidentally use it in formal occasions to the point that there needs to be ann intervention. Don't listen to them, mann.


Is Annarchy a conspiracy?


Do you remember why you came on FP?


Are you joking?


Do you have planns for a new story?

Yes. It is essentially a rewrite of that shitty story called Wasteland: New Era which I wrote when I was 13 and I have changed so much of it. My writing style has grown and changed which calls for an entire rewrite. The plot has also changed a little bit as well as the main character. Okay, the plot has changed A LOT a bit but it's still the same general idea of a story in the Afterlife.

But what about When The Music Stops?

It's paused until I get more life experience. I have plenty of ideas but I like to know the feelings I'm writing about so I can fully connect to the character myself and be able to describe the feelings in the best way I can. I'm taking classes this Fall where I will get classmates ranging from age 15 to 115. Hey, the oldest lady alive may want to go to community college. Don't judge her. Just write her essay for her. She's having trouble typing right now. Just put a lot of Ann puns and don't cite your sources so she gets extra credit. ;D

Did annyone ask these questions?

Lol, no.



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