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Updated: 6:08 PM, Sunday, April 16th, 2006

I swear to the heavens above, if this story were any less fun, I'd be in trouble...

So last night, I got a random impulse. What random impulse was that, you ask? Answer: the random impulse to go through and re-edit kinda the entirety of TAD.

Yeah. NO GOOD.

So guess what I'm doing (instead of homework)? Editing. Again. Why, you ask: Answer #2: In short, it needs it. In detail... Issue A) There could be a lot more thought put into the details of this story--the names, the locations, the fight scenes (now having taken fighting classes, I assure you they'll get much better) and so on and so forth. A lot of it is creative but thoughtless--and it needs to change. Issue B) The assumptions. For example: Ander is discriminated against because he is a Levitator. The only example we see of this is in the first chapter, really, when Sigof calls him names. Aww, poor Andy-poo. Needs to be fixed. Issue C) Continuity. How can there be this discrimination against women and yet a female principal of the school? Or the dragons. A favorite of mine: why exactly are they in there again? Oh yeah, because they're supposed to rock against Jaegar. Um, what? Their relevance needs to be upped majorly.

So TAD is under construction. Because entire chapters may be added or cut, sometime in the future I think I'll be pulling them offline and then reuploading them one edited chapter at a time. Yes, sad, but it will be bigger, stronger, faster, better than before. And you will like it.

What about other plot threads, you ask? Why were they left hanging? Answer #3: ...because I just might have a sequel planned? Um, what? I mean, sequel, totally not! What was I saying again?

I will say officially that I have been kicking some ideas around. And perhaps jotting several down. A lot. But college is eating my free time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the occasional munchie, and thus time is limited. That, and mainly, another set of stories has come into play, the first chapter of which I will be posting momentarily.

Which brings me to my final announcement: What the heck, you ask, is this new story? Answer #4: a prequel, of sorts, to TAD. There is one familiar character to those of ye who have read to the end of TAD, and her story was just begging to be told, with a generous salting of creativity along the way! Unfortunately for her, she was misnamed in TAD and her history rather abridged and creatively edited. Rest assured that the name you see now is quite accurate, and really, only her surname has changed, and her real story is being told at this moment.

Which brings this happy set of announcements to a close. Now if you excuse me, I will be simultaneously editing TAD, writing VotW, and brainstorming for (tentatively) RtL. Oh, and you know, rocking the college scene.
As far as other stories go, they're kinda on hiatus until I drag my muse back. Bridged to Shadows won't be updated again, sadly, as a key element in that evolved into a more sophisticated story. Raising Atlantis may be restarted in a while, if I can get back in the mood. You never know.

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