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Hello Everybody!

I am Stephanie and love writing. I am a pretty humorous and a take-it-easy kind of person. If you want to PM me about anything don't hesitate I love hearing from new people.

I am very random and I love salads. I have no rules and I try to follow most of them.


1. I am not religious but I believe in god.

2. I can speak 4 languages out of which I can read and write only 3.

3. I have 7 brothers and sisters but I share my parents with only one. The rest six are my cousins (Lets not go there)

4. I love quotes but I can never remember the words correctly, like ever.

5. I am chocoholic. I have to have a little piece of chocolate everyday.

6. Harry Potter is my bible. It is my childhood and it's the reason why I started to read and write. No matter how many books are published in the world HP will be my favorite.

7. People wonder whats it like inside my head. Well its always daisies, unicorns and rainbows... and guns and treasure maps (oops i forgot treasure is always at the end of the rainbow.)

8. My favorite number is 8. Because its one number apart from 0 which is complete. It all ends where it started.

9. I rewrote the song 'My favorite things'. It had golden foil wrappers of chocolate, my purple ink and everything NOT pink.

10. I love watching sports but I never play them.

11. You want to know how i look? Well, think of me, think of Angelina Jolie, Well, we look nothing alike.

12. I love socializing with people but I don't have accounts in any social networking sites.

13. I don't know why I love the number 13 and Fridays.

Favorite books: Harry Potter, Alex Rider, Percy Jackson, Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol.

Favorite movies: HP 1 through 8, Titanic, Tintin, 27 dresses, romcoms usually.

Favorite TV shows: White Collar, Friends, Full house, Gilligan's Island, NCIS.

Favorite musicians: BEATLES, BEACH BOYS! I love the 70's groove! Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Paramore, Air Supply.

Please read and review my work!


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