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Again, long time no see people ^^;; School is getting into the way this time and also university -_- it's all a big headache. And the number of reviews isn't that encouraging either... or maybe it's just because that my writing has gotten worse ^^;; I'll stop complaining now ^^; I'll try to finish Catching You before Christmas, and then work on the crossovers after. I'm writing a page a day, and it's helping me with ideas ^_^

I'm 18 now ^_^ Finally reached the legal age... but I still haven't tried anything yet ^^;; My favorite series includes: Fruits Basket, Full Metal Panic, Kasho no Tsuki, WeiƟ Kreuz, Hikaru no Go, X/1999 tv, Gravitation, Hana Kimi, Count Cain, Yami no Matsuei, and some other series that I can't remember right now ^^;; Early age memory loss. It's all my husband's fault! Hehe, you know what I'm talking about daling ^_~

I have also started a yahoo group with Aidenn-chan! It's a yaoi/bishonen fanfic/fanart group ^^;; So if anyone is interested in joining, everyone is welcome ^_^ The address is http:///group/Boyz_Love/
And if you're interested in Sailormoon crossovers, I've started another group ^^;; http:///group/impossible_loves/
it's for all the sailormoon crossover fanfics that I write. I figured that since is always having problems, then this will just be an alternative where crossover authors will be able to post their stories. So if you want to join either of my groups, everyone's welcome ^_^

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email or IM me. I love meeting new people ^_^

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