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Joined Jun '12

I have officially changed my username from BriannaIan to XxDreamsAreBetterThanRealityxX

I am also on FanFiction :) Check out my stories on there! :D

Name: Taylor Sex: Female Age: Going to College!

I spend most of my time playing on the computer, reading, and writing. I love hanging out with friends and family. Music is my absolute favorite thing! I have Obessive Character Disorder :)

Current Obsession: Disney Princesses :)

My Favorites:

Favorite Books: Maximum Ride, The Hunger Games, Fallen series, Percy Jackson, Immortal Beloved, Balefire, Tigers Curse, The Womens Murder Club

Favorite Movies: Princess and the Frog, Easy A, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games

Favorite Shows: Glee, The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Big Time Rush, NCIS, The Glee Project, Love In The Wild, The Vampire Diaries, 90210

Favorite Actors: Cory Montieth, Logan Henderson, Ashton Kutcher, Sean Berdy, Damian McGinty, Logan Lerman, Ian Somerhalder

Favorite Actresses: IDK,

Favorite Music:Everything

Favorite Color: Black, Green, Blue, Purple

Favorite Food: Itailian

Favorite Sport: Don't Have One

Favorite Place To Be: IDK

Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden

Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream

Hobbies: Reading, Writing


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