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I'm Liz. I'm 16 years old. I write mainly poetry, some short stories here and there when the mood catches right, I'm going to start working on something long hopefully right now.

I did another cleaning out, so everything that is getting posted as of 4/6/03 is new. :-D

I would love to write something long and enthralling that would mesmerize all and get me published before I'm twenty, yet, I don't see that happening anywhere in the near future. But hopefully it will.

I live in Small Town, USA and it's kind of fun. I act, I run track (aka "I don't need to do a long distance workout, Mr. Wake, I'm a pole vaulter."), I am currently loving field hockey, I attempt to sing, and I hang out with my friends -- mainly the guys, cause guys are so much cooler than girls sometimes.

Alex, my love, my inspiration for many a poem, is my boyfriend of a year and half.

Read on, I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave any comments, whether they be positive, negative, or no point at all. I'd appreciate feedback on my writing, any improvement no matter how small is good. :) If you leave me a nasty or unintelligent comment, I do tend to comment back because I can't keep my mouth shut, if you are going to criticize, make it constructive, thanks.

"What more could anyone ask for... A partridge in a pear treeeeeeeeeeeee... Eeee!" Aww, yay for bad Christmas plays involving Al Davino, Woo hoo!

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