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Kira Anne PM
Bio Fav: Authors
Joined Jun '01
Real Name: Kimmy

Age: None of your business.

Fav color: Definetly black and red, more so black.

Hobbies: You mean when i'm not working on my stories??? Music. My fav band is an underground indie like band called Sleater-Kinney but i have a few punk favs 2; Anti-Flag, The Distillers, The Unseen ect. I hate ska tho, i'm a hard core junkie. No offense to anyone who likes ska, i'm not a very peppy person.

Location: Middle of east cupcake.

OJ; Guilty, Innocent, Good with toast: Good with toast.

Fav Books: White Oleander hands down. I've read it twice and i'm on my third time.

Fav Quotes: "Love an illusion. It is a dream that you wake up from with an enormous hangover and total credit debt. I'd rather have the cash."Olivia from White Oleander. "Slackers will inherit the earth simply because we will not have worked ourselves to death. We will not keep it for very long but we will have had it!"

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