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Hi all random people and stalkers (not saying that all random people are stalkers, but you never know!)! Welcome to my profile!

I am from Singapore, you should already know that but I'll put it here to fill up space:) Okay, I come from Planet Earth and I'm human (But I'll probably say that if I were an alien, so you'll just have to decide for yourself *evil smirk*) and that's all I'm saying. (In case of stalkers, I'm sure you understand)

I LOVE to read. I'm a great fan of Artemis Fowl and The Ranger's Apprentice. I also watch anime. I like Fairy Tail and Hetalia. I have a FanFiction account under the same penname, Seranade.

I've just started to write, to try out and see if I can. Honestly, however, I much prefer reading other people's works. I have one story so far (I know, it's not much) please go and check it out and review. all you fellow FictionPress writers out there must know how much joy a review brings right? So go and review! Don't worry if it's a negative review. I won't eat you, I don't even know who you are!

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