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I am Flika. You may know me from FanFiction.net. My account is -- Flika I write SasuNaru fics on there but I am hoping to branch out and try my own stories with my own characters.

As said on my other profile, I am by law, retarted. I am belowe average with reading and writing but I hope you will all stick with my mistakes.
I write because I was told by people I use to call friends that I was too dumb to do so. They would sit around me and read their fictions to each other and to put it bluntly, they sucked. The people who were always trying to put me down and show off how amazing they were, had no original ideas. They would just write diolag with them and the boys from Twilight as their boyfriends. It was in a word, pathetic.
So with the help of an old English teacher, a great friend, and the reviews on FanFiction, I am here to prove them wrong.

Here's a little info on me:
Name: ... Lets just stick with Flika, it's my altra ego, and truthfully, it the proper pronounciation of the name my mother wrote on my birth papers.(leason to all, don't sign your child's name immediately after giving birth and still doped up on pain killers.)
Age: 19
Sex: Female

Personal Qoute:
Eat Pizza In The Morning
Scrambled Eggs For Lunch
Ignore Old Wisdome
Follow Your Own Hunch

Also, I will most likely be writing Slash or stories that center around gay men and their romantic relationships.

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