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Hey guys,

Aoide here!

It's been soooo long since I've been on FictionPress! I'm actually in UVic now. I'll continue writing, but I may not post it here due to my university workload. .

I've retained my weird personality, so my special sense of humour is still the same. XD

In the future, you may or may not see published work of mine. I hope you enjoy them if you come across my stories somehow. ;-)


~ Aoide Mythos

When I was in high school...:

Apparently me & what I think is okay for you guys to know:

- If I had a handle, my Science teacher would use me as a pointer for his classes... (His words NOT mine.) He also said to 'help' with that situation: "We could have one hand glued to your hips and the other can stay straight out! Then I could lift you up, what are you 90 pounds?"...Man, teachers these days...

And no, I am not 90 pounds. Yeah that's right, I'm heavier than I look.

- I'm super smart (I have been told, but I think I'm okay personally), but I can't even fix someone's tie. They'd say, "Thanks Einstein." And I'd say, "Like you're any better."

- My Social Studies teacher has an obsession (in my opinion) of calling me "Shorty." I'm not that short; everyone else is just tall! (But seriously, I'm in an average height for my age! And they're just at least an inch taller than me)

- Someone (cough!* My second older sister, Anhanh... *cough!) told me that if my stuff gets stuck in the Science Lab room again, I can crawl through the window to get them...My friends and I asked her, "Is that even legal?"

- I'm not as graceful as a butterfly. If you think tripping on your own feet isn't possible, you haven't met me.

- I'm one of those people whose facial expression changes when I'm thinking of other things than the group's topic. Lots of staring goes your way when the class is talking about some huge, dangerous fire and you're smiling.

- Singing is great, but try not to scream in terror when I try to hit the notes (or maybe it's murdering the notes). But other people say I sing well. They better not be lying to me! If they are...jerks!

- The dream of being an archer still lives!!! Shoot me with an arrow if I'm wrong. Ha-ha, see what I did there? But not literally, that could really hurt!

I am currently in a writing class! Whoo hoo for me! It's so great! SHOUT OUT TO MY OTHER AWESOME CLASSMATES AND TEACHER IN THAT CLASS!

Notes on what I write and stuff:

Important to know, if you read: Miss Masquerade. I thought the story of Robin Hood was interesting with stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, so I chose to do a modern-day/fantasy story on it, but none of it really relates much to the actual story...I just wanted to have a thief like Robin Hood, that's it.

- Fantasies and mysteries are my thing! I especially love myths. So, I would do some type of myth story, but Rick Riordan has already and masterfully written a few...And I love his work. I hope he'll continue being awesome!!

- Romance isn't my strong point, but I'll try my best (Especially for the people who really begged me to try)! I like the type of couples with cute randomness, coincidences, and sometimes a bit of a cliché stuff (I said A BIT, so move on, people that don't like cliché things!). *Too serious though is (*gag*) no good, well to me anyway. Do not expect deep relationships.

- If you read the reviews and read some people calling me 'ut' or 'utut' or something like that it's because their calling me "little one (ut)." And if you read 'uty' it probably means 'shorty.' (Nicknames for being the younger one, what're you gonna do?)

I AM SORRY IF I POST THE WRONG CHAPTER IN THE WRONG STORY! It happens quite a lot. I'll change it as soon as possible (If I see it!).

My siblings on Fiction Press: MimiTheAwesomeness (Mimi, my eldest sister), anhanh (Pretty much just: Anhanh. She's the second eldest sister), and Qouc Minh (Actually it's Quoc Minh, he {my little brother} just has trouble spelling his name in different languages).

I share a Fan-Fiction account with my sisters! We are: The Victory Writers Club. We were writing a Pokemon Fan-fic. (Yes, we're that awesome!) XD

If you see my favourite authors list, you'll notice I chose them with at least one of the three pieces criteria: (Sometimes it's two pieces of the criteria or all three!)

They are:

1) Great/awesome authors

2) Fun to talk to

3) People I know outside of FictionPress and they're super awesome! (I say "awesome" too much; it's become a problem...)

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