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I haven't changed my bio in such a long time, so I thought I would do just that!

Hi, I'm Cascaded, but I used to be SearchingForYou. There's no big story behind my username, so don't try to read too much into it. I started writing about two years ago, and I will wholeheartedly admit, that I was terrible, awful, headbangingly horrific. But over time (hopefully) I got a lot better.

I won't bore you with the more mundane details of my life. You don't really need to know my shoe size, or what I eat for breakfast. I'm 21, and absolutely, hopelessly in love with writing, though as all great loves, I sometimes hate it too! But it is my passion, and I wouldn't change it any other way.

I am 21 years old and my home land is Great Britain, the land of Fish and Chips and Cornish Pasties, though I don't actually like them. I have a serious addiction to chocolate and caffeine, my favourite film is The Goonies, and my favourite band is The Fray. I am the (Sometimes not so) proud owner of a dog, a cat, and five guinea pigs, and the occasional spider, who finds itself unwittingly wondering into the path of a screaming human with a hoover pipe.

Don't like me? I don't care. I wasn't put on this planet to please others. I am who I am, and that will never change. I like to think I am a nice person, so if you don't like me? That's too bad. Not that I think anyone on this site is like that, I've been nothing but welcomed since my arrival a year or so ago!

I have started writing several pieces, mostly one-shots, but two or three long pieces that really are awful!

My Works (All Rights Reserved)

Losing Hope-My first attempt at original fiction. Is incomplete. No longer available on FP.

Broken Webs- A one shot. Entered into a competition on Mibba. Fingers crossed!

Crimson Rai) -Okay, this is my first attempt at original fiction. "She lies." If I'm honest, I've rather lost my mojo for this one.

9/6/13- So, I've decided to take Losing Hope down from FictionPress, I haven't given it up, I just don't feel safe posting on this site anymore, I will continue to post it on Wattpad, under the username ThatBritChick. Link is to the right, http:///story/2418713-losing-hope

All of my works are protected by copyright. No part of my works may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author.

2012, 2013, Miranda Smith All Rights Reserved

Just a word of warning, anyone who is found to be stealing my work, legal action will be taken! I hate to sound pig-headed and conceited but this is my work after all.

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