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"If you'll be my star
I'll be your sky.
You can hide underneath me
And come out at night.
When I turn jet black
And I show off your light
I live to let you shine."

-Gregory and the Hawk's "Boats & Birds"

I love reading stories that involve romance. Hoping I'll meet a guy that makes me feel the way these girls do.

I'm horrible at writing, but I'm fantastic at creating story plots. Maybe someday I'll write something worth posting? Who knows.

I love KPOP. It's pretty much all I listen to. (I'm aBlackJack, V.I.P, BANA, BABY, Sone, Shawol, INSPIRIT, Play Girl, KissMe, A, Wonderful, Hottest, IAM, BBC, EXOtic, ELF, L.O.Λ.E, Pink Panda, Bestfriend, and Angel.)
Aside from that I listen to a lot of R&B.

I'm a gamer and a Square Enix junkie. I love Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and The World Ends With You.

Always up for a good story. Have a recommendation? Please let me know!

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