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Hi! We're the FluffySparklyMARSHMELLOWS.

We're BFFs since second grade even though we are literally across the globe from each other.

You can call us Fluff Fluff and Sparkles!

Fluff Fluff:

Hi, I'm Fluff Fluff.

I like marshmallows, and fluffy things! So, that's why I'm Fluff Fluff.

My BFF is Sparkles and we write things.

Also, you can call me the totally amazing awesome pink sparkly and awesome FLUFF FLUFF. Or just Fluff Fluff... :)


Hi, I'm Sparkles!!!!!

Because I LOVE sparkly stuff. And smiles/laughter. And chocolate. And writing. And reading. And music. And, of course, my BFF!!!!!

I have a FanFiction account so some may know me as I am Bianca Daughter of Hades:


I like writing. Even though school is slowly killing me. And I have a ton of FF projects that are either In-Progress or not even written! BUT I will write original stuff too! Well, with the hope of reviews, I’ll probably update once a month if you’re very VERY lucky.

Anyways, you can call me Amazing Intelligent Awesome Epic Sparkly Being or Bloody Brilliant/BB or simply Sparkles. XD

We hope you will come to enjoy our stories and whatever we write in the future!

Happy reading/writing!

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