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Hello, everyone.

Link is my penname here, taken somewhat from a character I have written about.

I joined this site 4 years ago to get some feedback on stories, because I hardly have anyone, save a handful of friends, who can read and offer feedback. While this is nice to have, I need fresh eyes, I need critiquing, I need SOMEONE to read my stories and let me know what they think of it.

This in mind, I've returned to Fictionpress with new, improved stories and new stories altogether to post on here and let you all read.

I'm looking for a chance for people to read and hopefully enjoy my work. I welcome constructive criticisms and suggestions with open arms, for I am always willing to learn of my mistakes. However, I will not accept flames or personal insults. I have enough personal experience with those to know the difference between that and criticism. Anything like that and I will just remove the comments. I'm here to learn and entertain, not to be someone's target.

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