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Bonjour, my lovelies...

I use this account to read and review things on FP and have amassed a bunch of favourite stories and authors on here, as well as post my own stuff. If you like yaoi, slash etc. then you'll definitely find stories you like under my favourites. Feel free to check them out: They Are Awesome. I especially recommend CordeliaKingsbridge and AggyBird.

I love a wide range of genres, but my favourite stories are ones that have at least a little bit of romance in them. The only genres I don't regularly read are crime, mystery and thriller. I love yaoi/slash. I can go for well-written, good-plot young adult books but mostly I'm a sucker for historical, fantasy, romance, and sci-fi genre stories, supernatural included. Fantasy, and all that it entails, is generally my forte.

I update sporadically at best. Please don't hate me for not updating! Unfortunately, I get bored of my stories very easily :'( I also write a lot of fic with rape and dub-con in it, and all of this is malexmale... If you don't like that stuff then don't read please. Romance normally creeps in a lot, but I'm afraid that I'm a sick, twisted pervert at heart *weeps*. Disclaimer(?): I do not endorse rape in 'real life'. Enough said: I know where I stand. So don't judge me for writing about it in my fics. Flamers, you are warned.

I have an account on Fanfiction under the same name, currently with two fics on there. One is het, from 'Guardians of Time', and the other is a yaoi from 'Brother's Conflict'.

Lots and lots of love,



UPDATE: I'm currently attempting NaNoWriMo, though I'm not posting the story on here yet. I'm not quite sure how well it is going to be honest... 5/11/13

P.S. 27/10/13 Why do so many of my fic's have a character called Daniel (or some variant) in them? Maybe its a sign... (Of what, I don't know).

Note: The images I use both in my profile picture and on my stories do not belong to me. Some pics are from the yaoi manga Kawaii Akuma by Madarame Hiro (*hearts*). If the pics from my stories are yours and you object to this, then please contact me and I shall remove them, and if you don't mind then at least I shall be able to credit you.

Battle At Pavia: Yaoi, Historical dub-con/non-con stuff - no sex - between two Kings. M. Work in progress.

Visitor in the Night: Yaoi, pos. dub-con/non-con, a vampire obsessed with a human regularly cleans up his apartment without the human's knowledge. T/M. Hiatus.

The Prisoner: Yaoi, Sci-fi, two-shot, very graphic rape, two men crashed on an empty planet, one dominated by the other. M. Complete.

Controlled: Yaoi, dub-con, a bit of non-con, a secondary school teacher gets blackmailed by a student on his first day. M. Work in progress.

Danny Knowles, I Hate You: One-shot diary excerpt from a jaded kid struggling to accept the fact that he might be gay and has a thing for jocks. M. Complete.

A Flat Tyre: Yaoi/One char's gender undefined. A MG roadster gets a flat tire on a country journey. T. Complete.

Excerpt from 'Controlled'

"Don't talk to me, please," I whisper. My hands tensely lace together on my lap. "Just get on with it."

He regards me silently. "Okay, for now. But when we get to the sex I'm going to talk to you-" My face burns at the word 'sex' "-or you're not going to know what to do."

He pauses and reaches out a hand, fingers tilting up my face so that I meet his eyes. His gaze is serious. "I don't want you to get hurt because you don't know what you're doing." At this point my face does not only burn, it blazes.


My eyes drop. "Okay," I whisper.

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