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About me

Name: Kedros

Origin: Not Greece

Language: Dutch
(So generic mistakes in my stories is due a lack of knowledge. Yes, lame excuse but I simply had a lame teacher)

sex: male

Wealth: loaded

Relationshipstatus: open for attention

Sword art online , Percy Jackson series, Fairy Tales,
Yugioh (I'm 19 and still play the cards) and pokemon
Fantasy stories about Magic and Dragons
Myths of all regions
Urban Legends

Ongoing Stories

Flentes Salices: fantasy-romance About an orphan Willow, who slowly finds out how special she is. The Story starts real slow and might show it's an Orphan-Runaway story, but truly, it isn't.

Dance of the Dragon Hunter: fantasy-adventure with loads of action. As the title sugests, Dragons and Hunters. Basically a group of Hunters go find and eliminate the King of Dragons. A bit of steampunk, and Magic bringing the story to the next level.

Upcoming (may be posted in several months

Tales of Cathar: A malicious force threatens the live of the kingdom. (still quite generic...)

Rise of the North: Inspired by the northern Gods, this will be about Alfs trying to release Ragnarokk by sacrificing the blood of Thor. Of course, the Northern Gods weren't immortal like the Greek/Roman ones, but nevertheless, they still exist in certain ways.

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