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Hello there folks! I am Caciacoon, you may or may not know me from other sites where I have the same name such as


-Chicken smoothie

I like writing a lot, and I think this is defiantly going to be a big hit with me. I like supernatural or slightly twisted things, stuff that would fit in great on this site.

I joined mainly so I can put the biggest story I have ever attempted to write on here, a werewolf story called The Waken that is very, very long. It's about werewolves, but in all fairness I started writing this before I knew twilight existed.

I also may post stories I had to write for school, we do a lot of short fiction stories at school.

more about me:

i am zany, whizzy, crazy, and really, really, really goofy. If you ever want to have a conversation about how the elephant in the closet got married to the porcupine in the vacuum cleaner, by all means PM me. I am a huge nerd on quantum everything and cats, and dogs, other good conversation points.

upcoming stories:

n. Title/Setting/what happens/When it's going to be up/How many estimated chapters/Rating

1. Halloween scary story for school/Any city or town you want it to be in/Sometime in the very near future/Three teenagers get attacked...By a poltergeist in the form of a dog./1/T for character death

2. little person story for school/Some old growth forest, now and one thousand years ago/Three friends get kidnapped by a giant purple thunderbird, then by weasels, and ultimately die a horrible death./Sometime in the very near future/Rated T for character death and slight gore.

3. The Waken/The West coast is the main setting, like, Portland/Myra finds out she's a werewolf part of some prophecy involving demons, gets into a huge mess, better than it sounds./Chapter one might be up soon/Well... a lot./ T for violence, gore, minor suggestive themes, and character death. Between Percy Jackson and Twilight.

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