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Bad news I'm afraid. I know I promised to re-post my old story about Elora, but the files I had saved are gone and the written portions are lost. I have tried to re-write the story from the begining, but my eighth grade frame of mind has also been lost. The need for a reasonable plot clouds my mind during the draft process. I seem to stop and wonder if this story is worth it. I have concluded that it is not.

I have been banned from Fanfiction.net for the fourth time now and I have lost all hope of posting any new stories at the moment. It seems the content of my writings excede the normal rating of Fanfiction.net. I will be working with a group of betas to edit and tone down "Mountains" and "Exiles". Thank you for your patience, support and reviews.

Extra News: For those of you who have been avid readers of "Moutains", the title will be changed indefinetly in the next month and reposted under this name at this site. Beware that this reposting will be heavily edited in compliance to rules so that banning will not become an issue.

"Mountains" and "Exiles" have also been taken off for the lack of constructive reviews. I write to improve my writing skills, not to satisfy horny perverts in their search of online porn. I swear 2/3 of the reviews I recieved sounded like I gave the entire country orgasms. Hopefully, these edited versions will help bring in constructive reviews. (or a lot of unhappy perverts)

Expect my stories up by the end of the summer.

Old News:

News for the year: I will be re-posting my old story about Elora turing onto a guy after I return to the States to get my story. It will leave off with a new chapter- "Finding Shawn's Room". Thanks to those who waited. I wonder if anyone even remembers my story. Oh well that's all for now.

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