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Hi! I'm Trix, a blind, Australian woman with a love of fantasy. I write fanfiction as well, but this site is not for that.

My original ideas include The Sisterlands Sequence, a fantasy series inspired to some degree by Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Deltora Quest, but which has grown and developed over the years until it has sprouted sequels, prequels, and inbetweenquels, none of which are written yet! I am a terrible horrible procrastinator, although I am trying to fix this.

I also have a Fairy Tale Retelling series in the works, starting with The Twelfth Corona, a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's The Wild Swans, with Twelve Dancing Princesses and Rapunzel in the backstory and Sleeping Beauty on the side. I haven't written for it in a while, but I plan to change this.

As of now, I'm not sure I'll post any of my stories on here, as I do want to make some money off my books, but you never know, I might be convinced otherwise. I won't be looking for betas here, though. No offense meant, but I've not seen anyone on Writing Tumblr recommending FP for that.

Also, anyone who tries to send me promises of publishing/an invite to a writing competition/any other fishy message of that nature will be summarily blocked. Consider this your only warning. Anyone reading this should adopt a similar policy. Don't trust messages like this, children. They are usually scams and I do not want you to have your writing or rights to same stolen from you.

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