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Hi I'm Jade, I'm from England and I like reading and writing in my spare time. I'm so curious to know what your first "impression" of me will be.

I've always felt more like an observer of the world than a participator. That doesn't mean I'm shy, it means I'm indifferent, it means I'm detached. I'm constantly thinking about the dynamics of things like your typical classroom shy girl who sits in the back and reads her books and just looks at you, cause she's studying you like a specimen trying to wrap her head around the odd species of teenagers. I'm the type to get along with pretty much whoever is nice to me, I'm sort of a chameleon, I'm not stuck in one clique or mindset, I don't like to put a label on people but I do label you if you label yourself first, I give you what you're asking for, and if you want to be a can of soup that's cool with me. In some aspects my thinking is entirely deviant from most people my age. I think more, I analyse more, I ponder more. I believe in equality on the most extreme scale. I don't care who you love, I don't care if you want to marry a box of fruit roll ups, I don't care how you believe you got here, or what you believe about our government. That said, I initially will have respect for whatever your ideals and values are, but I don't appreciate people who attack my views for no reason.

On a lighter note. I love life, I love the earth, I love our planet. I don't like a lot of the people in it. No matter how hurt I am, no matter how lost I feel, no matter how hopeless and drone my existence becomes, I will never come to the point of taking my own life because of the endless possibilities and wonders this world has to offer. Well I love to write, I love photography, I love music, its incredibly important to me, I love a lot of little things that I have done or have yet to do: dancing in the rain in the middle of the street wearing butterfly wings, twister in the dark, cuddles, snuggles, spooning, Eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses. Rain forests, waterfalls, meadows, shades of blue and green. Wearing someone else's clothes that are too big for you. Those sparkly floaty glowing particles you see by your window when the sun shines through. I'm pretty sure it's fairy dust but I've never been able to catch it... Night air. Christmas, everything about it. Turtles. Fluffy animals, stuffed and real. Empty movie theatre, fast food, slurping jello, cold mornings, pumpkin patches, petting zoos, carnivals, beaches so foggy you can hardly see and it feels like you're in another dimension, hotels, hotel rooms, hotel pools. Travelling in general. Spinning in circles til you're so dizzy you fall. People with smiles too big for their face. Hands, earlobes, and that soft area on the underside of your arm where all the veins are. Too many bands, songs, and books to name. I enjoy conversation and I can portray my thoughts and feelings much better through written words than speech, I'm too soft spoken. There's also an incredibly long list of things I detest but I find dwelling on those isn't the best.

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