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I have been writing since my teens, trying to dispel the voices in my head. I know every would be writer out in the Cosmos understands that premise. I am curious, as most, to know if I possess any talents in that particular area but moreso, if any reader will enjoy meeting the people who create themselves, really. They will awaken you at night out of a sound sleep and beginning chatting away, as if they do not understand that you have to get up at seven and get about your real life.

I keep a notepad by my bed just in case they say something profound. So far, nothing earthshaking has materialized, but we keep hoping.

So, if you check out some chapters and find a smile or two, that's really all one can hope to acchieve. I hope you do. Over on Fanfic I write for the Person Of Interest realm, the original CSI, Moonlight (who doesn't love yummy vampires) The Closer and the old Combat series. I also have stories for StarGate SG-1 and the old Star Trek shows but have yet to post those. Not sure they will ever see the light of day.

It is an amazing thing, that such outlets exist in today's world. We lowly writers have a place to come..to call 'home'. How cool is that.

hey, guys..I have a vampire story over on fanfic. the title is 'Once Upon a Midnight Dreary'.. I think it has a little merit and of course, lots of humor. hey, vampires are cool..they just see things differently than we do. their 'humor' might not be our's but..a rose by any other name, right? Anyway..if you have some down time and are bored out of your gourd. Check it out. You people don't review a lot but you sure as hell are avid readers!! what more can an aspiring writer want!

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