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User Name: Arkenn.

Country: Canada.

Genres: Supernatural (to a point), Science Fiction, Historical and Speculative Fiction.

Planned Projects:

  1. Origin Lines (OL)
  2. Identity Crimes (IC)
  3. Terror Lust (TL)
  4. Conquer our World (CoW)

The plan is that all four of them will exist in the same Universe, with the same continuity, with the first three series existing concurrently. For each series there will be multiple entries, though the number and how many is something I have yet to work out just yet. At least three for Origin lines, two for Identity Crimes, Three for Terror Lust, and two for CAN (Conquest Ad Nauseam). Those are the probable minimums with smaller notes being published separately as either oneshots or a collection of them. As of right now I have a couple finished but will hold off on posting them.

Current Status on Works:


Lineage Lines Chapter 3: 100% Written


Expected Release of Next Chapter:

OL: Sunday, July 20th


Lineage Lines: Expiry

They are inexorably linked, but only one has a ticking death sentence. Until then they will live as loud as they can, for as long as they can, because in the end all the support of their friends and family can't stop the unceasing passage of time. Only brighten the coming dark. He will need that. She will too.

Lineage Lines is the Story of Cai and his imaginary friend that has followed him since birth. She has watched every embarrassing moment of failure to the highest pinnacle of triumph from her free seat in the back of his mind. As time passes, and it always does, and as he grows in age she grows in strength, and the closest friend that any one person could have soon found herself taking more and more of the control away from Cai. They have time, but not enough, and soon everyone they know will have to come to the same difficult conclusion. A young man is going to die too soon, and neither god nor science can save him. But gods and science never stopped them before, they'll push back the expiration date as far as they can.

Identity Crimes

Blood Brothers can come from either shared ancestry, struggle in conflict, or forged through the hard times of life. Others are made to be like that, their genetic material shared with their kin, forged through the careful scalpel and deft fingers of a scientist. They are made for each other to an ends they never agreed with. There will be revolt.

Things that are designed with the greater good in mind may adhere to the thought that ends justify means. The issue that evolves from this is when the means themselves decide that the ends are not worth it, or are to a future they do not wish to see. Ziir is the sixth in the fifth generation of individuals created by UTEC, a division of American exploratory science units looking into the future of genetic conditioning. To that end they have procured something monstrous: A brain that could house their theorized Organic Processing Unit named Enlain. It is being developed to lead and rule over those who know no leader. It might just do that and far exceed their wildest nightmares. Their soldiers share flesh, the only thing between them and freedom is an entire world. It is fortunate they dance with a mistake of man and god.

Terror Lust: 'What happened in Africa'

East-Africa has never been a place of much rest. Nationalism, Patriotism, Sectarian violence, genocide and exploitation are wrought with warlords as the masters. This recounts the activities of the controversial 'Interdicto' mandates made by the International Policing Agency as they come face to face with the grim realities of a war they cannot end. And the demon on the inside who knows just what they need.

Based on an alternate near-past in which yet another Arab-Israeli conflict was barely concluded before massive civilian casualties could be threatened, a mandate set forth by the United Nations Special Committee on Near-Eastern Resolutions requests the formation of a new branch of the International Police to deal with war crimes and civilian protection when the governments and militaries are too busy fighting. Its name is 'Interdicto', and on the even of its creation a sectarian clash between Muslims and Christians in near-costal regions of Somaliland. As the opening task of Interdicto they are to quell the rising tide of violence along the coast of Africa with characters from Identity Crimes making appearances. The unfortunate reality of combat with guerrilla forces comes to light quickly but an unwanted ally already inside the ranks of the enemy might be enough.

Conquer Our World

There are machinations put into place years in advance for the single pivotal moment at which the dawn of a new age can be seen, and to thrust the world towards it great sacrifices must be made. This is the culmination of a century's work, the ultimate test of foresight and planning made by the most dangerous woman on the planet. And we will suffer for it.

The culmination of the previous stories lies here. After a century of work and trials being thrust upon a cursed generation the time is nigh for a new conflict. The century has passed and now the greatest threat to man is no longer itself, but its dependance on people and organizations with few scruples about manipulating the world. It is time for retribution to be paid and the sins of the past to be atoned for. You won't have a chance to do so by the time she is done with her plans to Conquer Our World.

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