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My name is Kat and I love reading and writing!

Some of my favorite series...

1. Percy Jackson

2. Maximum Ride

3. Immortal

4. Fallen Star

5. Pendragon

6. The Selection (Kiera Cass is coming out with a second book! Comes out April 13, 2013!)

7. Mortal Instruments (Why? I need another book to come out soon!)

8. Mind Reader

9. Tigers Curse (Awesome! You should read! Read all of them, (including the ones I listed above!)

10. Need Series (Great ending!)

To many to count. I won't go on listing to a million!

Basically I love books! BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS!


Social when needed, bookworm otherwise!

Writing Style?

I basically write "awkwardly". I'm not that good of a romance writer, but practice makes perfect!

Other account:

(fanfiction one):

Core.of.the.Cookie I might have changed it to cookie.core or something with cookies!

I recommend these authors ( ON FANFICTION )

binaryguppy & exactlyemanda

But who am I to say? All of them are great! That's just who's in my head right now!

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