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"Our love is God. Let's go get a slushie." - J.D., Heathers.

As of me typing this, I'm 19 years old. I'm uh, figuring out what I wanna do but it'll probably be writing and art. Most people know me as Autumn, but I've had lots of different usernames across FanFiction.net so not every nickname makes sense. (ex. KA, Moosie, gUrL...) I'm still wrestling with my identity, but I know I'm into girls. Lesbian or bisexual, whomst knows? Mayhaps one day, I shall know myselfie.

I'm slooooowly getting back into writing, I have a couple ambitious projects in mind but we'll see when I ever actually get to them. I've been art-ing like a maniac, but deviantArt is such a mess nowadays idk if I'll really be putting them out into the world.

If ya' wanna skype, hmu at falling.failing.autumn. my discord is aka#9861. I love to RP, but I'm also THIRSTY for friends so if you're feeling lonely or whatever I'm pretty much just as lonely.

This profile is still a mess but its better than the weird info-dump it's always been.

"The end of THE END is the best place to begin THE END, because if you read THE END from the beginning of the beginning of THE END to the end of the end of THE END, you will arrive at the end." - Lemony Snicket, The End.

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