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I am a dedicated writer looking for some honest feedback before going through with all the editing and publishing malarkey.

I have written for myself on and off my whole life. I go through cycles of different art; painting, sketching, writing, baking...anything creative.

I have written my first novel and i am working through the first round revisions right now. I have no idea why it's so impossible to get my friends and family to read it. That's not entirely true, my sister is devoted and without her I probably wouldn't haven't finished it.

I am a 30 year old stay at home mom of one who also has two jobs outside of the home. It's too weird to explain, just trust me. I am serious about getting better at writing and taking it to the next level.

Update:Working on the final edits of Collide which will probably have a name change before it's all said and done. Going to take down the bulk of the story soon and only leave up sample chapters. Thank you to all who have been so helpful and encouraging along the way!

Update 9/14/13: Collide is officially Learn To Fly and is now available for purchase on Amazon Kindle. Feel free to connect with me on my facebook page

http://facebook.com/heidirhutchinson or my blog http://

Update 11/4/13: I'm stopping what I have of book 3. It's going weird and i have to fix it. It's probably going to get split into two separate books.

Note: All of my stories are copyright protected and nothing may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without my permission.

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