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Hi everyone. I really appreciate if you've taken the time out to check out my stories and my profile.If you like or dislike anything about the stories then don't be shy and come out with it and give a review or a PM to me. I will try to accommodate your needs in the stories.And please no plagiarism and unnecessary bashing. I like constructive criticism but not malicious criticism. Anyway somethings you need to know about me :

I am a hopeless romantic and absolutely love cliches especially falling for the best friend or stepbrother .It's my dream to enter the SKoW Hall of Fame (besides having a very handsome Prince Charming coming to rescue me from the dreary practicalities of life. lol ;D)I love drama and arrogant men. (in stories not in reality.)My weakness is adjectives and description in detail about characters ;)The moment when my heart is bursting out of my chest ( not a pretty image but u know?) is when I log in and find a review waiting for me or my fav. stories updated.

I think that's all but..if you find any mistakes specially ones about the high school system or classes or grammar then please tell me cuz I hate to think my readers have to go through the torture I have to go through whenever I read a story with faulty grammar, I'm worse than a teacher I literally correct it while reading so plz don't hesitate to tell me especially those silent readers who don't review .;)

Enjoy the works of art below. ;D

P.S. The pic above isn't mine for those of you who so kindly thought I was so beautiful though thanks for the thought.

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